About A Peace Treaty

About A Peace Treaty

A PEACE TREATY is an international luxury brand crafted by fancy nomads. The two founders, well-traveled globetrotters with six passports between them, get precious inspiration on their travels to far corners of the world. They create gorgeous designs and collections season after season that embody global opulence – handmade textiles and jewelry pieces that honor artistry from different cultures around the globe. Their passion for culture shines through each one of these beautiful treasures they bring back home!

A Peace Treaty

In 2008, Farah Malik and Dana Arbib forged an unlikely partnership to form A PEACE TREATY. United by their shared admiration for timeless fashion design traditions passed down through generations of family teachings, these two designers combined forces to bring the world’s most exquisite handmade crafts from distant corners around the globe. Drawing on years of international exploration in places such as Rome, Andes Mountains, Himalayan valleys and South Asia deserts; they’ve cultivated a vast knowledge that has enabled them to develop stunning accessories with captivating cultural stories attached – proving one need not sacrifice style when embracing global diversity.

A PEACE TREATY envisions a world of modern artistic expression, by utilizing the traditional craftsmanship and techniques of artisan workshops in ten countries. Their collections embody beauty through detailing; scarves and jewelry pieces are hand woven with intricate designs as an ode to history’s exquisite creativity. Through their passion for fashion they have created something remarkable: a library full of breathtaking prints made with love, care and precision.

A PEACE TREATY is committed to highlighting the beauty of history, preserving time-honoured traditional craftsmanship through its pieces so that future generations can appreciate it. Invite your friends and family along for this journey into artistry, sophistication and heritage.

A PEACE TREATY has achieved remarkable success, dressing celebrities such as Jemima Kirke, Jennifer Lopez and Nicole Richie in its exclusive collections designed with Jonathan Simkhai and Rugby Ralph Lauren. Its founders have been recognized by the White House and World Bank among other illustrious institutions like Parson’s School of Design & Princeton University while garnering media attention from esteemed outlets including The New York Times, Forbes & Vogue.

A PEACE TREATY’s timeless designs and unique statement pieces have earned them spots in renowned retailers across the world. From Paris’ Le Bon Marché, to London’s Fenwick, from Harvey Nichols in UAE and Saks Fifth Avenue in US – shoppers everywhere can find a look that speaks to their personal style through www.apeacetreaty.com!

A PEACE TREATY, a fashion-forward brand devoted to sustainable design practices, is currently being nurtured by the CFDA’s Fashion Incubator Program. With this guidance and support from industry thought leaders and experts in their field, expect bold statements of style that honor environmental consciousness.

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