What To Wear To A 70's Disco Party

What To Wear To A 70’s Disco Party?

What To Wear To A 70’s Disco Party?

Do you wonder, “What To Wear To A 70’s Disco Party?” Are you getting ready for the 1970s-style disco party next week? If so, it’s hard not to get excited–it’ll be a night full of groovy music and show-stopping fashion.

Make sure you stand out in the crowd with unforgettable outfit choices! Here, we give tips on what to wear to capture that classic 70s style at your upcoming disco bash. Read on to learn more about what you should wear to a 70’s disco party.

What To Wear To A 70's Disco Party

What Is A 70’s Disco Party?

A 70’s disco party is a fun and energetic event characterized by classic dance music from the 1970s. This party often includes guests dressed in flashy and colorful outfits reminiscent of the era, such as bell-bottom pants, platform shoes, and sequin tops.

Guests can enjoy traditional disco activities like line dancing, freeze frames, and the Electric Slide. Of course, no 70’s disco party is complete without a dance floor filled with bright flashing lights and partygoers grooving to the music. You can throw an unforgettable 70’s disco party with creative decorations and the right tunes!

A Brief History Of The 70’s Disco Party

Before going through answering “What to wear to a 70’s disco party?”, let’s figure out about this kind of party. The 70s disco era was a time of self-expression and liberation, with the emergence of funk and soul music paving the way for a new type of party.

It eventually led to the birth of the iconic nightclub Studio 54 in New York City, where legendary DJs spun classic tracks throughout the night. As word spread about this new scene, people began hosting disco parties in their homes, creating a unique atmosphere with bright decorations, mirrored walls, and vibrant lighting.

By the decade’s end, disco had become a worldwide phenomenon, transcending musical boundaries and bringing together diverse communities from different countries and cultures. The popularity of these events eventually declined during the 1980s but has since seen a resurgence, inspiring modern-day versions of the classic 70s disco party.

No matter how you style your 70’s disco party, it’s sure to be an exciting and memorable event for all! You can experience the same energy and fun people have enjoyed for decades with great music, flashy costumes, and plenty of dancing. So wear your dancing shoes and get ready to party like in the 1970s!

Why Should You Know What Outfits To Wear To A 70’s Disco Party?

Knowing the answer to the outfits people should choose to wear to a 70’s disco party is important to planning. Not only do you want to look great, but you also want to fit in with the other guests and enjoy yourself at the event. Wearing attire reflecting the era’s style will ensure your evening runs smoothly.

What To Wear To A 70’s Disco Party?

Consider the era and popular styles when considering what to wear for a 70’s disco party. A good way to get an idea of what was in style is by looking at some archival photos from the period or reading up on 70’s fashion.

Some key elements to a 70s disco party outfit include bell bottoms, bright colors, and retro accessories such as big collars or headbands.

Platform shoes are also typically seen in photos from the period. For ladies, halter tops and jumpsuits were popular options during the era. Men could go for a shirt with wide lapels and bell-bottom trousers.

When it comes to hair and makeup, the iconic 70s style usually involves big, voluminous curls or an afro for women. Men often opted for longish hair that was tucked behind the ears. As far as makeup goes, bright eyeshadows and thick eyeliner were popular. Regarding accessories, necklaces and earrings featuring peace signs were a staple of the era.

No 70’s disco party is complete without groovy sunglasses or platform shoes for added flair. Whatever you decide to wear, make sure that it reflects the fun and funky atmosphere of the period! Have fun and enjoy the night!

Outfit Ideas To Wear To A 70’s Disco Party For Women

Women have many options when dressing up for a 70s Disco-themed party. Go full-on glam with bell bottoms, faux fur coats, and big hair! Or, keep it more subtle with vintage-inspired dresses and platform shoes. Here are some fun outfit ideas to help get the party started: 

  • Bell Bottom Jeans

A classic look in the 70s, bell bottom jeans are a must for any Disco-themed party. Pair them with a psychedelic top and some platform shoes to complete the look.

  • Halter Top & Midi Skirt

Show off your shoulders in a bright and bold halter top, paired with a midi skirt for extra 70s flair. Accessorize with chandelier earrings and a wide-brimmed hat for the perfect Disco look.

  • Sequined Dress

No Disco-themed party is complete without a sequined dress! Show off your curves in this shimmery number, accessorizing with a pair of statement earrings and metallic heels.

  • Faux Fur Coat

In an oversized faux fur coat, feel glamorous! Wear it over a mini dress or jumpsuit, adding platform shoes and hoop earrings for extra 70s flair.

  • Platform Shoes

No 70s Disco look is complete without a pair of platform shoes! Choose a bright color like yellow or pink to stand out.

  • Wide-Brimmed Hat

Wear a wide-brimmed hat for that extra bit of 70s style. Add some sequins or feathers to the brim for an even bolder look.

  • Embellished Blazer

Add sparkle to your outfit with an embellished blazer. Wear it over a mini dress or jumpsuit, accessorizing with statement earrings and metallic platforms for a truly memorable look.

Remember to have fun no matter what you choose to wear! With the right outfit, you’ll surely bring the house down at your next 70s Disco-themed party!

Outfit Ideas To Wear To A 70’s Disco Party For Men

Men have plenty of 70s-inspired options when dressing up for a 70s Disco-themed party. Think bright colors, bold patterns, and statement accessories! Here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

  • A retro-style jumpsuit

Tuck a bright, floral print shirt into a patterned or solid-colored jumpsuit for an eye-catching statement look.

  • Platform shoes and flared trousers

You can’t go wrong with this classic 70s combination! Choose a pair of brightly-colored platform shoes to make your look pop.

  • Flared denim jeans

For a casual 70s vibe, pair your favorite flared denim jeans with a plain t-shirt and a suede jacket for the ultimate retro feel.

  • A bold patterned shirt

Show off your personality with an eye-catching shirt in bright colors or classic 70s prints.

  • A statement leather jacket

Finish your look with a classic leather jacket for an edgy touch. You can never go wrong with this timeless piece

No matter what you decide to wear, make sure you have plenty of fun and dance the night away! With these outfit ideas, you’re sure to be the life of the party.

Factors To Consider When Choosing What To Wear To A 70’s Disco Party

When getting ready for a 70’s disco party, you must be careful about answering what outfits to choose to a 70’s disco party. After all, it’s an iconic decade well-known for its bright and bold fashion choices. To make sure your look fits the theme of the event, here are some factors to consider when choosing what to wear:

  1. Be Bold with Colors and Patterns – The 1970s were a time of bright and vibrant colors, so don’t be afraid to go all out regarding color choices. Think bright blues, oranges, pinks, greens, yellows, and other hues that will stand out in the crowd. You can also incorporate patterns into your outfit, such as polka dots and stripes.
  2. Look for Classic 70s Silhouettes – The 70s were well-known for their unique fashion silhouettes, so try to find an outfit that captures that essence. Think bell bottoms, jumpsuits with wide-leg pants, or wrap-around shirts and dresses.
  3. Accessorize – Accessories can make or break your 70s look, so don’t be afraid to have fun with them! Think big statement earrings, layered necklaces, wide belts, and platform shoes. You can even go the extra mile with sequins and glitter for a truly disco-ready look.

By following these tips, you can ensure your outfit for the 70s disco party looks just right! Have fun, and don’t be afraid to express yourself through your fashion choices.

How Can You Style A 70’s Disco Party Outfit?

The 70’s were all about fun and vibrant fashion.

  • To style a 70’s disco party outfit, go for bold colors and patterns, such as golds, purples, and oranges. Think bell bottoms and flared trousers in bright colors paired with a psychedelic patterned blouse or shirt.
  • For shoes, opt for platforms or block heels in metallic colors.
  • Accessorize with large statement jewellery and headscarves, and don’t forget a disco ball necklace or earrings for the ultimate 70’s look!
  • Finish off your outfit with glittery eyeshadow and bold red lipstick to make a statement.

With these pieces, you will be ready to hit the dance floor and show off your 70’s disco party style!

Where Can You Buy 70’s Disco Party Outfits?

Vintage, thrift, and costume shops are great places to find 70’s disco party outfits. You can also turn to online retailers like Amazon or eBay for a wide selection of 70’s style costumes and accessories. You can contact local seamstresses or tailors specialising in retro apparel for a more custom look.

Another option is to search for handmade 70’s costumes on Etsy or other craft websites. No matter where you shop, look for bright colors and flashy textures to give your outfit an authentic disco vibe!

Finally, don’t forget about accessories like platform shoes and feather boas. With some research and creative thinking, you’ll surely find the perfect 70’s disco party outfit!

Common Mistakes To Avoid When Choosing What To Wear To A 70’s Disco Party

Here are a few common mistakes you should avoid when choosing the outfits for a 70’s disco party.

  1. Don’t go too literal. Just because you’re attending a Seventies-themed party doesn’t mean you should dress like the characters from Happy Days! Instead, opt for modern styles with a nod to the era such as bell bottoms and patterned shirts.
  2. Avoid being over-the-top tacky. Just because it’s a themed party doesn’t mean you should go overboard with the costumes and accessories. Look for subtle nods to the era that won’t be too in-your-face like wide collars, flared pants, peace signs and platform shoes.
  3. Don’t wear too much denim. While denim is iconic of the decade, it’s not necessarily the best look for an evening soiree. Instead, opt for something a bit more formal such as velvet or silk.
  4. Dodge head-to-toe matching outfits. To avoid looking too costumey, stay away from wearing a full matching outfit like jumpsuits, platform shoes and big poofy hair. Instead, mix and match pieces from the era to create a stylish yet appropriate look.
  5. Avoid wearing modern clothes. To really capture the vibe of the decade, stay away from modern-day trends such as leggings and skinny jeans. Opt for items like bell bottoms, A-line skirts, and flowy tops instead.
  6. Steer clear of wearing too many patterns. While it’s always fun to add a bit of flare with funky prints, keep it to one or two pieces per outfit so you don’t look like you stepped out of a time machine!
  7. Don’t forget about accessories. Accessories are the perfect way to add a touch of personality and authenticity to your look. Consider adding fun items like oversized sunglasses, chunky jewelry, and wide belts.

Following these tips will help you create an outfit that will have everyone talking at your next 70s-themed party!


What Hairstyles Should You Choose For A 70’s Disco Party?

The possibilities for hairstyles at a 70’s Disco Party are endless! Opt for something retro and fun, like feathered bangs or large curls. If you’re feeling adventurous, try an updo with colorful clips or headbands. For men, comb your hair back into a slicked look with gel, or wear it shaggy. Whatever you choose, ensure it fits the 70’s Disco vibe!

What Shoes To Wear To A 70’s Disco Party?

Disco is all about being flashy and fun, so don’t be afraid to wear bold shoes! The most popular choice for 70’s disco is platform shoes, but you could also go for some funky-coloured trainers or ankle boots. If possible, try to match the colour of your shoes with something else you’re wearing. For example, if your dress is bright yellow, choose yellow shoes!

What Accessories To Wear To A 70’s Disco Party?

When attending a 70’s disco party, it is important to accessorize your outfit appropriately. Popular accessories during the 70s included headbands, sunglasses, and jewelry with bright colors and bold designs. Platform shoes in wild patterns or glittery fabric were also quite popular. You can even wear a traditional paisley scarf for an eye-catching touch!

What Fashions Were Prevalent In The 1970s?

Popular clothing items included bell-bottom jeans, polyester shirts, jumpsuits, maxi dresses, platform shoes, and headscarves. One of the dominant trends of the era was the leisure suit – typically a combination of a collared shirt with matching trousers and sometimes a vest or jacket.

Accessories such as big, bold glasses, leather belts, and floppy hats were also widely worn. If you’re looking for inspiration for your 70s disco party outfit, look to iconic music stars like David Bowie, Donna Summer, and ABBA.

What Did Women Wear In The 1970s?

Women in the 1970s often wore bell-bottom jeans, maxi dresses, hot pants, halter tops, and flowing blouses. Hair was big with lots of volumes, and hippie headbands were popular. Platform shoes and boots were also very fashionable.

Which Pants Fit The Disco Style?

For a 70’s disco-inspired look, flared pants are the way to go. High-waisted bell bottoms with wide cuffs can add a flattering silhouette and help complete your disco costume.

You might also consider wearing bright colors and crazy prints for an authentic 1970s vibe. Denim jeans also work, so long as they have plenty of flares at the bottom.

Bell-bottom trousers or corduroy pants will work well for a party look for men. Men could also opt for a bright-colored suit with wide lapels and flared trousers. 

Do You Allow Jeans For A 70’s Disco Party?

Yes, jeans are a great way to add funkiness to any 70s disco party outfit. However, adding other elements such as flared pants, bell bottoms, or a bright patterned shirt can take your look up a notch.


Now you should know how to answer “What to wear to a 70’s disco party?”. When dressing for a 70s Disco-themed party, have fun and get creative with your look.

Women can make a bold statement in bell bottoms, faux fur coats, and sequined dresses, while men will stand out in retro jumpsuits, platform shoes, and leather jackets. Add some funky accessories like groovy sunglasses or peace signs to complete the look, and have a great time dancing the night away!

With all these outfit ideas for choosing the best outfits to wear to a 70’s disco party mentioned here, you’ll be sure to make a lasting impression at your next 70s Disco-themed party. Have fun and stay groovy!


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