Best Sewing Machine For Beginners

Best Sewing Machine For Beginners

Top 10 Best Sewing Machines for Beginners in 2023

Before purchasing a sewing machine, it is recommended that you should read customer reviews for reference. You can check them out on online communities such as Reddit, Quora, and Facebook, or ask retailers directly. However, sometimes this causes you to confuse since everyone gives different opinions based on their circumstances, needs, and their experiences. Therefore, this sewing machine can be suitable for others but not for you. 

In this article, in addition to providing the best sewing machines for beginners based on what I experienced, I also give information and compare many sewing machines so that you can differentiate and decide on which machines you should buy. 

Best Sewing Machine For Beginners

How to choose the best sewing machines for beginners?

Before giving reviews about some popular sewing machines, I will guide you on how to choose a suitable machine if you are a beginner. This contains some key features that you need to consider before deciding to buy.

Mechanical or computerized machine 

There are two types of sewing machines, including mechanical and computerized ones. As its name suggests, all parts of mechanical sewing machines are not computerized. They do not feature as many functions as computerized sewing machines, therefore, their cost is more affordable. A mechanical machine will be a good option for beginners who are struggling with technology, those who have a limited budget, and those who do not have to perform complicated sewing projects. 

On the other hand, computerized sewing machines consist of computer parts. There are two kinds of computerized machines.

First is the machine with a small LCD screen such as Brother CP60X. This machine features a foot pedal for you to operate it. You can only use the screen to select stitches. 

Second is the sewing machine featuring an LCD screen and select buttons to sew. There are many buttons that you can choose from, including start/stop, needle up/down, reverse/reinforcement stitch, presser foot up/down, automatic thread cutting, and some machines also has needle threading. These buttons enable you to work on your projects easily, but some beginners are inevitably overwhelmed. However, once you are getting used to them, you definitely love foot-free sewing machines like them. 

Since computerized machines are more convenient, they are more expensive than mechanical ones. But in my opinion, this investment is worth the money. 

Easy-to-use features 

As a beginner, you do not want to struggle with setting up and operating the sewing machine. Therefore, you should choose machines featuring automatic and user-friendly parts. For instance, I often choose sewing machines with automatic needle threader such as Brother CS6000i or Brother Luminaire. Or the sewing machine with top-drop, quick-set bobbins can save you much time when you need to change bobbins. 

One more automatic feature that you should consider is the 1-step buttonhole stitch. Moreover, as a beginner, instructions are one of the most important things. Therefore, sewing machines with easy-to-understand instructions, error messages, or bobbin thread low indicators, should be on your list. 

Choosing a sewing machine with user-friendly features not only helps you to do your sewing projects more efficiently but it also does not make you lose interest in sewing. It is difficult to maintain your inspiration while you usually struggle with the machine. 

Throat space 

The throat space, located to the right of the needle, is the area that allows you to spread the project when working. It is not important if you just work on medium-sized projects. However, if you often sew larger things such as quilts or big costumes, the throat space should be more spacious. The standard size is 4’’ – 6’’. Based on your need, you should use the machine with standard or bigger throat space. 


There are many types of sewing machines that are designated for your needs in addition to traditional ones. Some popular kinds include: 

  • Sewing and embroidery combination machines: you can easily change between sewing and embroidering mode depending on what your task is. 
  • Sewing machines featuring monogramming fonts: they feature different stitch fonts for users to customize. 
  • Industrial machines: if you often work on thick cloth such as leather, this type of machine is worth the money. 

Available accessories 

Presser feet 

A multi-purpose zigzag foot always comes with your package when you purchase sewing machines. Some producers also provide customers with additional feet which are designed for specific tasks. Even if they don’t, you also need to buy them separately in case you have to perform some other tasks. Personally, I will not choose sewing machines that do not include additional presser feet. Therefore, it is recommended that you should purchase ones with extra presser feet based on the tasks you usually do. For instance, if you often work with quilts, it will be helpful if you buy sewing machines with a walking foot, spring action foot, or ¼” piecing foot. 

On the other hand, buttonhole and button sewing feet, a blind hem foot, and regular zipper foot will be suitable for garment workers. 


If you just do simple projects, a straight stitch option will work. However, I do not recommend that even if you are a beginner. 

Instead, a sewing machine with various stitch options will help you in many projects. Some standard kinds of stitches you should consider include straight stitch, zigzag stitch, and buttonhole stitch. You may not use all stitches during working, but you still need to consider various types of stitches when purchasing. Moreover, you should choose a machine that can adjust stitch length and width or one that features stitches with different sizes. 

Extension tables 

This accessory may not be necessary if you do not work with complex projects. However, if you sew big objects such as quilts or costumes, an extension table will make your working process a lot easier. 


If you are a beginner, a dealer who provides tutorials for customers should be considered. Although there are many videos and courses on the Internet, they may be not suitable for the sewing machine that you are currently using. Moreover, for beginners, it can be overwhelming since they do not know which tutorial is better. Therefore, you should look for detailed and beginner-friendly instructions. 

Top 10 best sewing machines for beginners in 2023

Based on what I experienced, here are the 10 best sewing machines for beginners. It is all based on what I experienced, so take it with a grain of salt to decide which sewing machine is best for you.

Best Overall Sewing Machine for Beginners: Brother CS7000X Computerized Sewing and Quilting Machine


This Brother CS7000X Sewing and Quilting Machine is one of the computerized machines that is suitable for those who start sewing. The reason I think it is one of the best sewing machines is that the pedal can be removed and users can sew with buttons, which is really smooth. 

Moreover, the maximum speed can be set via the speed sliders and can be observed when you sew projects. 

This Brother CS7000X Sewing and Quilting Machine is so beginner-friendly that even a child can work with it without any difficulty. Featuring ten presser feet, 70 stitches, and even an extension table, this Brother machine can also perform more complex projects such as sewing quilts. The machine also comes with a quilt guide for users to follow. Brother also offers a needle threader and top-drop bobbin to prevent the machine from stopping operating if the thread is loosened. Using this Brother machine to work on projects such as pants or sleeves will save you much time. Thanks to its speed of 750 stitches/minute, your project will be finished in a short time. Moreover, this Brother machine is light enough to be held. It weighs 10.5 pounds, so you can easily take it to other places easily. It also comes with a hard cover to guarantee that it will be intact. 

Basic information 

  • Type: Computerized sewing machine 
    • Brand: Brother
  • Dimensions: 12.2” x 6.65’ x 16.26”
  • Stitch options: 70 
  • Bobbin: drop-in 
  • Weight: 10.5 pounds 
  • Speed per minute: 750 stitches


  • Reliable beginner sewing machine
  • Detailed guidance for users 
  • Durable machine


This machine may not be suitable anymore if you are at a more advanced level. 

Singer M1500 Sewing Machine


Among all the sewing machines that I used, this Singer Sewing Machine is one of the simplest ones since it is Signer entry-level machine. It is a mechanical sewing machine, does not have a needle threader helper, and has limited stitch options. Some users can find it inconvenient since this Singer machine does not have many features, but if you are just a beginner, this machine still works. Some reviewers even recommended that if you just started learning to sew, this is the first sewing machine that you should own. If you want more extra options, you should consider other types of deluxe machines such as M2100 or M3330. 

Basic information: 

  • Type: mechanical machine (not computerized machine)
  • Brand: Singer
  • Dimensions: 7’’ x 13” x 11.5”
  • Stitch options: 6
  • Weight: 12.12 pounds 


  • Easy to select stitch: They are clearly shown on the dial, and there are not also many options, beginners will not be overwhelmed 
  • Lightweight machine, easy for transportation 
  • One of the most budget-friendly Singer sewing machines


  • Many features are not available 
  • Limited stitch sizes and quantities 
  • Not a full-size machine

Best for Heavy-duty: Singer Heavy Duty 4432


As its name suggests, this Singer machine is a good option to work with complex projects such as leather or thick canvas. Although you can use the standard-size sewing machine for these tasks, it is still recommended to choose a heavy-duty sewing machine. Or else, your machine can suddenly stop working since it is not intended for big projects. Some owners that often work with think fabrics considered this to be the first sewing machine that they bought. 

This is a Singer computerized machine with 130 stitches, an extension table, and a spring-action wilting foot. Its speed is also a plus point, and a needle threader is available. However, the sewing machine does not have a speed control slider. 

In terms of prices, it costs more than higher-end machines. But since this sewing machine is designed for heavy-duty use, it is still considered a cheap sewing machine when compared to the features and functionalities it provides. 

Basic information: 

  • Type: computerized machine 
  • Brand: Singer
  • Dimensions: 6.25″D x 15.5″W x 12″H
  • Stitch options: 23
  • Weight: 14.5 pounds 
  • Speed per minute: 1100 stitches


  • Performs efficiently in large and complex projects 
  • High speed stitches per minute, thereby finishing sewing quickly 
  • Various built-in stitch options 


  • No speed control slider
  • A little heavy, so the machine can be more difficult to transport
  • Some additional features are not available such as a computerized screen 

Singer Quantum Stylus 9960


This Singer Quantum Stylus 9960 Machine is a computerized sewing machine, which means that you can sew without pedals. It also comes with an extension table. 

One of the reasons that makes it become one of the best sewing machines lies in its number of stitches. You can choose among 600 types of stitches. 

Moreover, alphanumeric fonts are also available in this machine, so you can decorate your projects with numbers and letters. The automatic needle threaders, additional presser feed, and buttonhole options, all of which make this sewing machine become one of the best ones with advanced features. You can also view stitch selections on an LCD panel. 

Basic information: 

  • Type: computerized machine 
  • Brand: Singer
  • Dimensions: 8.25″D x 17.25″W x 12″H
  • Stitch options: 600
  • Weight: 20 pounds 
  • Speed per minute: 850 stitches 


  • Advanced features such as an LCD panel, alphanumeric fonts or automatic needle threaders 
  • Impressed stitches options (up to 600)
  • High speed stitches per minute
  • A lot of additional presser feet such as zipper, buttonhole, blind hem, open toe, cording, etc


  • Heavy weight machine, not convenient for transportation 
  • Not budget-friendly: Since this is a higher-end machine that comes with many advanced features, it costs much more expensive, not a cheap sewing machine



If you are a beginner who is looking for a sewing machine that can perform different tasks with different fabrics, one of the sewing machines from Brother such as this Brother XR9550 Sewing machine is a perfect option. It includes an LCD screen, an automatic needle threader, and a speed control slider. 

This Brother sewing machine can handle a variety of fabrics such as leather or denim. It is a perfect combination between simplicity and advanced features, contributing to a smooth sewing experience. 

Basic information: 

  • Type: Computerized sewing machine 
  • Brand: Brother
  • Dimensions: 13.5″D x 20″W x 17.9″H
  • Stitch options: 165
  • Weight: 10.14 pounds
  • Bobbin: drop-in 


  • Simple to use, a good option for beginner sewing machine
  • Various built-in stitches, and alphanumeric fonts are also available 
  • LCD screen for stitch selection
  • Reasonable price


  • The spool cap should always be used



If you find it overwhelming with sewing machines that have a lot of advanced features, this Singer Sewing Machine is a better choice. Although it is a simple sewing machine, based on my experience, this Singer machine still works well with different types of fabrics such as cotton jersey or wool. However, if you usually work with more delicate cloth such as silk, this beginner sewing machine might not work. 

This beginner sewing machine also includes an automatic needle threader, so it is convenient enough for beginners to start learning to sew. However, one of its cons lies in its buttonhole function. Sometimes, it got stuck and you need to rethread. 

Basic information: 

    • Type: mechanical machine 
    • Brand: Singer
    • Dimensions:  7.35″D x 15.16″W x 10.9″H
  • Stitch options: 11
  • Weight: 11.79 pounds
  • Bobbin: front-loading (not drop-in) 


  • Simple for beginners
  • An automatic needle threader is available 
  • Not too heavy 


  • Limited stitch options 
  • The buttonhole function sometimes does not work smoothly 



This is a mechanical machine from Singer that is designed for heavy-duty tasks. Its frame is made of metal and the bed plate is made of steel, which ensures durability for the sewing machine. However, this heavy-duty sewing machine does not weigh heavily, so you can easily carry the machine to other places. 

This Singer Beginner Sewing Machine comes with a motor with a speed of 1100 stitches per minute, which enables you to handle thick cloth such as canvas, leather, or jeans. It features 32 stitches and many buttonhole functions, a reasonable number of features for beginners. 

However, if you are an intermediate or advanced sewist and often do heavy tasks, this is not a good heavy-duty sewing machine because of its incompatibility. It only uses plastic bobbins from Singer and cannot be replaced with bobbins from other brands. 

Basic information: 

  • Type: mechanical machine 
  • Brand: Singer
  • Dimensions: 15.2 x 6.25 x 12 inches
  • Weight: 14.5 pounds
  • Stitch Options: 32
  • Buttonhole options: 1
  • Bobbin: drop-in 


  • Handle well with most thick fabrics 
  • User-friendly with reasonable, not overwhelming features 
  • Lightweight 
  • Highly durable 
  • Powerful motor for heavy tasks


  • Incompatible with other sewing machines 

Best mechanical sewing machine: Brother XM2701 Sewing Machine


All Brother sewing machines are famous for being suitable for basic and advanced users. This Brother XM2701 sewing machine is not an exception. No matter whether you just start learning to sew or you have done sewing for a long time, this Brother machine still works well. It offers 27 stitch options, an automatic needle threader, and a drop-in bobbin. 

Please note that this beginner sewing machine is not designated for thick fabrics such as leather. Therefore, it is not considered a heavy-duty sewing machine. Instead, the Brother machine works with a more delicate cloth, so it is perfect for tasks such as quilts or dresses.

Moreover, there are also six presser feet in this machine. Although the automatic thread cutter is not available, the quality of its stitches is still impressive. Furthermore, you can easily change settings using the stitch chart and front dial in the machine.

Basic information: 

  • Type: mechanical machine 
  • Brand: Brother
  • Dimensions: 12.1 x 5.9 x 15.3 inches
  • Weight: 12.6 pounds
  • Stitch Options: 27
  • Buttonhole options: 1
  • Bobbin: drop-in 


  • Reliable for users at a variety of levels, from beginner to advanced
  • Lightweight, easy to carry 
  • Perfectly suitable for thin and delicate fabrics 


  • Not have an automatic thread cutter
  • Not work with thick fabrics 

Best for Quilting: Brother HC1850 Sewing and Quilting Machine


One of Brother sewing machines is the Brother HC1850 Sewing and Quilting Machine. It offers more stitch options and can work heavier tasks, therefore, I think this Brother machine is more suitable for intermediate sewists. The speed can be adjusted during operation and users can pause the machine with a button. 

Especially, all Brother sewing machines come with the support system, called Brother At Your Side, for customers in case they need help while doing projects. It is free and you can reach out to Brother via chatting or calling. It is a plus point since users are always supported if they need. 

Once you become an intermediate sewist, you can dig deeper into advanced techniques with this Brother sewing machine. Thanks to 185 stitch options, 8 buttonhole options, and alphanumeric fonts, you are free to create your own sewing projects with a lot of features. 

Basic information: 

  • Type: computerized machine 
    • Brand: Brother
  • Dimensions: 15.2 x 12.5 x 19.2 inches
  • Weight: 10.14 pounds
  • Stitch Options: 185
  • Buttonhole options: 8
  • Bobbin: drop-in 


  • Many available advanced features 
  • Various stitch options for beginners to choose 
  • Can stop the machine anytime you want with a button 
  • The monogramming font is available 


  • May not be suitable for beginners. Instead, it is more designed for users who know the basics 

Best Singer beginner machine: Singer 7258 Sewing and Quilting Machine


This is one of the best beginner sewing machines that comes with 100 built-in stitch options, an automatic needle, and an LED screen. Moreover, you can start and stop the machine easily with the button. 

This is a perfect beginner sewing machine from Singer since it includes detailed instructions. Users can follow that guide to set up and operate the sewing machine without any difficulty. Furthermore, the speed control slider is also available in this machine. 

Basic information: 

  • Type: mechanical machine 
  • Brand: Singer
  • Dimensions: 7.5 x 14.5 x 12 inches
  • Weight: 18.74 pounds
  • Stitch Options: 100


  • Simple enough for beginners to use 
  • Available threading guide 


  • Not suitable for heavier tasks 
  • Not lightweight, not easy to carry 
  • More expensive than other sewing machines 


Here are the top 10 best sewing machines for beginners based on my experience. Of course, to decide which sewing machine is the best, you should also consider other factors such as your need, budget, or level. I hope this article can be a reference for you if you are looking for sewing machines for beginners. 


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